Gonin Presentation - Wacker Prize Lecture by Stanley Chang, MD
This morning I would like to introduce a new Panoramic Viewing System for vitreous surgery. This system has added an additional dimension to our ability to manage complicated retinal detachments and particularly enhanced visualization during the use of perfluorocarbon liquids. I would first like to acknowledge the previous contribution in binocular indirect wide field viewing for vitreous surgery by reviewing the development of this useful technique.
Binocular indirect biomicroscopy was first proposed by El Bayadi who used a plus 60 Diopter plano convex lens to examine the fundus. The wide field and improved depth of focus described by El Bayadi and others were not readily appreciated until Kajiura and Volk independently developed high plus biconvex lenses for fundus biomicroscopy. Since the mid-1980s these lenses have replaced the direct ophthalmoscope for routine examination of the fundus.
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